Is This The Revolution?


That’s the only way I can accurately describe what we’ve experienced and lived this week.

Please don’t think because white folks are eager to learn everything right now that you have to jump or bend over backwards to give it to them.

Chances are high that you’ve been inundated with questions from well-meaning white people that want to talk, share their experiences, share with you that they ‘finally get it,’ or they have questions.

Chances are also high that you’ve seen people dig their heels in on their racism.

And this is all between the black squares, and the “muting,” and emails filling your inboxes from companies and organizations that want to convince you that they stand for you.

You are not required to respond, answer, educate, share, believe, ANY OF IT.

You can set a hard boundary. Full Stop.

If you’re in a place where you’re ready to have those conversations with them, go for it.

But there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in your Black ass lane, living your beautiful joy-filled Black life in this very moment.

They’re muting to learn and listen? We’re processing to digest and prioritize our self-care.

Because the REAL revolution isn’t white people finally deciding to talk openly about racism and be an ally.

The REAL revolution is us living our lives, tapping into our full free selves.

THAT is a resistance and a rebellion in itself.

It’s revolutionary for us to take up all of the space without apology.


P.S. If you’re needing support in navigating all of this, feel free to book a completely free, no strings attached clarity coaching call with me. I’m here to support you in what you’re experiencing, no matter what that looks like. You can book your call here.

P.S. Color Outside is and always will be a safe place for BIPOC. On Instagram this week, we’ve grown quite a bit, and quite a few were from white women, which is fine. But it is still OUR space. I shared that sentiment here, but I want to make sure that you see this post I made yesterday. It is what I want most for you during this time.

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