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Before I tell you where we’re going, let me tell you WHY I’m more excited about this retreat than ever.

One of the 9 tenets I speak about when building a more adventurous life is FINDING YOUR PEEPS.This can be hard as women of color. I personally battle feeling isolated because I’m a business owner, a mom to a young children, a black woman in a very non-diverse area, among other things. There are a lot of layers that make up who I am and as a result, there are times I feel like I have no one to talk to.

Does this sound familiar at all?

Traditional mom groups don’t get you.

A lot of online entrepreneur groups don’t get the nuances of building a business as a woman of color. 

It’s even hard to talk to family and friends who don’t understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Add on to that, having a desire to experience life to its fullest and do things that are not “typical” of the black woman experience — whatever that means.

So, we feel alone.

Perhaps you’re not an entrepreneur, but you can probably find parallels in my story and yours. Corporate America can be lonely, as well as staying home to raise your children.

In the moments that I’ve shared these sentiments with other women of color, I find that I’m actually NOT alone in these feelings of isolation.

There’s a whole group of us out there, just waiting to feel connected to someone, something.

I’m a big believer in people creating the spaces that they need themselves. That alone is what Ied me to founding Color Outside.

Which brings me to the Color Outside Retreat.

Pack your bags, girl. We’re going to WYOMING.

Color Outside Retreat

Jackson Hole, WY | September 20 – 23, 2018


The Grand Tetons are majestic and I hope they’re
ready for all this Magic that we’re bringing!

I seriously have goosebumps thinking about how incredible this retreat is going to be for our community.



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