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If you’re in the Color Outside Facebook Group or follow us on Instagram, then you know that we’ve officially named this Saturday, June 30th as #GetOutsideDay.

We’re challenging ourselves to spend some time outside this week— in whatever way that suits you.

You can GO BIG and take a strenuous hike.
You can take it easy and spend the day at the beach or lake, enjoying the views.
You could invite all your friends or take the family.
Or you can spend the time in much needed solitude and reflection.

All that matters is that you do it. There is no right or wrong way to experience #GetOutsideDay.

Over the past week, we’ve had many new members join our Facebook Group community(hey, girl, hey!). One of the most compelling parts about my job is seeing your answers to what is stopping you from living a more adventurous, joy-filled life.

Feeling lonely with no one to share adventures with.
Taking care of everyone else.
Depression and anxiety.

Behind every answer was a beautifully, unique woman who just wants to live unapologetically, be seen and heard and have a community of women who understand.

Well, you’ve found it.

#GetOutsideDay was born from my wanting to SHOW you that even if we’re not living in the same town— you aren’t alone. We support you!

So, get ready! I can’t wait to see all your pictures and hear about what fun you had on Saturday. Be sure to use the hashtags #GetOutsideDayand #WeColorOutside on Facebook and Instagram. Gotta hit them angles!


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