Gratitude & Confirmation

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This past Saturday, I hosted Pop of Color: LA in a gorgeous loft in Santa Monica. It went better than I could ever imagine. The women who attended were warm and funny and allowed themselves to be open and vulnerable in their sharing. We set intentions to bring an energy of fun, flexibility and positivity to the day. We talked about our dreams and our fears, about imposter syndrome and expanding into our full selves. We cracked jokes, we ate tiny desserts, we hiked, we shimmied to the songs the DJ was playing, we hugged and we talked about the things we don’t always share.

It was wonderful.

I ended the day feeling full of love and gratitude. And I’ve never been more sure in my life that I’m doing what I’m supposed to in life.

Creating the life you crave isn’t always easy. The path won’t be narrow. You’ll doubt that you’re doing the right things. And sometimes the clues and cues that you are on the right track are subtle.

But, if you get fiercely clear on the things that matter most to you and stay aligned to them, you’ll continue to create those moments of unapologetic joy.

If you shout ‘yes’ to the experiences and opportunities that make you feel full and light and at ease and shut the door on the things that constrain you and force you to play small, you’ll create a life filled with your particular brand of magic.

And that’s what we all need.

So today on Thanksgiving, I want to thank you for being a part of this community. I appreciate you for all that you are and I’m here cheering for you as you step even fully into it and take up all the space.


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