Remove This Word From Your Vocabulary

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When I used to work in an office, a woman in the next cubicle over sneezed a few times in a row. And then she apologized profusely. This smart, focused woman was literally apologizing for a bodily function that she had no control over. That job had a lot of silly rules (I’m looking at you no jeans policy) but not sneezing wasn’t one of them.

As you move around the world today, I want you to be conscious of how many times you say this word:


We apologize for everything and nothing.

But, fuck that. We’re done apologizing.

We’re done figuratively shrinking ourselves for other people’s acceptance.

Done being overly-polite so that we aren’t considered aggressive.

Done apologizing for merely existing in the spaces our ancestors built.

And while this all sounds empowering and we’re ready to go out and conquer the world and be our most unapologetic selves, I know over-apologizing is a hard habit to break.

It’s sewn into over fabric, ingrained in us. Falling out of our mouths before we even recognize what we’re saying.

My co-worker had no idea how much she apologized for zero reason, until I was intentional about showing her and helping her change.

I am a clarity coach, after all. ūüėČ

So, as you go throughout your day, be intentional about only apologizing with sincerity.

My favorite tip to remove “sorry” from your vocabulary is to replace it with “Thank you.”

Instead of saying “Sorry, I can’t make that meeting time” you’ll say “Thanks for offering those time slots, unfortunately I can’t make those work.”

Being purposeful with your words is a great step toward living your JOY-FILLED, UNAPOLOGETIC, BEST LIFE.


PS: With Color Outside being comprised of many ambitious, entrepreneurial minded women, growth is always at the forefront of what we do. Something as small as not unnecessarily apologizing boosts your confidence.

When you are surrounded by like-minded women who sincerely want you to win, it’s easier to stay on track (and get called out in a lovingly way).

If you haven’t joined the Color Outside Facebook Group, go ahead and hit that link to get support and clarity around what’s holding you back from operating at a higher level.

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