Our Fall Retreat Is Coming…

Fall Retreat

I’m absolutely PUMPED about the Fall 2019 Color Outside Retreat! We’ll be announcing the details soon (like within the next week), but first wanted to give you a few hints about where we’ll be basking in some soul-stirring adventure!

Here are some clues:

This area is home to not one, but TWO, well-known and visually-stunning National Parks.

The Colorado River runs through it.

Its name comes from an ancient Biblical kingdom.

In 1991, Nike released a running/hiking shoe inspired by this area.

Schwinn produces a mountain bike inspired by this area.

Apparently Butch Cassidy and his homies wrecked havoc in these parts.

Think you know where we’re headed?

In the mean time… GET READY TO PACK YOUR BAGS. This will be a vacation that you absolutely deserve.

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