10 Joy-Filled Women of Color To Brighten Your IG Feed

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There’s so much talk about how social media is negative. That it inflicts a great deal of comparison, evokes a feeling of not being good enough, and is just all around bad for many people’s mental health.

Hearing those type of remarks always makes me think, “Who the hell are you following?”

Scrolling through my Instagram feed is an exercise in happiness most days. Why? Because I’ve curated it to be so.

No, I’m not ignorant to the fact that there’s some really shitty things going on in our society. It’s that very reason that I’ve protected the spaces I can. And even in times of seeing trauma play out on Social Media, there is also a lot of HOPE there.

So, if you dread hopping on Facebook, or find yourself getting deflated after spending some time on Instagram, let’s commit to deleting and blocking those who are not worthy of your time. Instead follow some of the dopest, coolest women of color I’ve found in this space.

Here are 5 Badass Women Of Color that will encourage you to get outdoors and work for what you believe in.

#1. Melanin Base Camp

We’re constantly inspired by the work that @melaninbasecamp is doing to show that people of color enjoy the outdoors and adventure!

#2. Latinxhikers

Founders Luz Lituma and Adriana Garcia are self-describe Outdoor Explorers and Storytellers. Not only do they often tell their own stories through their Instagram, but elevates others while focusing on inclusion and diversity outdoors.

#3. She Colors Nature

Chelsea, the woman behind the Instagram, shares how she adventures with kids in tow.

#4. Lazy.Beam

Manuela Guillén is a latina artist. Her work, with it’s bright pinks and brown faces leave you inspired and nurtured.

#5. NativeIn_LA

Jordan Marie is an avid runner and founder of Rising Hearts— an advocacy platform that elevates Indigenous voices & causes through running and storytelling.

Now it’s your turn to share— who are you following that is instant inspiration? Hit reply and share with me so I can follow them (and YOU, too!).


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