“When They See Us” Is Forcing Us To Put Our Mental Health First. I’m Here For It.

 I feel like this is a first.

Netflix released Ava Duvernay’s “When They See Us,” a retelling of The Central Park 5 case. 

Since May 31st the conversation surrounding the series has not only centered on the the outrage of injustice for the 5 young men, but most notably, that watching it can induce significant trauma— and to protect yourself accordingly.

So, while it may not be the first time where many have collectively decided not to watch a traumatizing event (like videos of police brutality and unarmed shootings), it feels like the first time our voices have been this loud.

We’re collectively acknowledging that Black Trauma is real.
And we’re making the decision to protect ourselves at all costs.

While I personally have not decided if I’ll watch it or not, what I can say is that I respect your decision.

No, I applaud your decision.

I’m damn proud of you, of US, for even having this conversation.

For prioritizing and choosing what’s best for you.

My mission through Color Outside has and will always be to help women of color discover what lights them up and brings them joy— and then live in that space as much as possible.

So while not watching may not feel like a huge win for you, it IS.

You chose yourself first and that’s never a bad thing. In fact, THIS is self care in action.

And if you did watch, #same.

Honor yourself and your feelings and you’re never wrong.


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