The #ColorfulAndCarefree Summer Bucket List Is Here!

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It’s almost summer time and while many of us are looking forward to an upcoming vacation, or ways to keep the kids entertained, or maybe even finding an additional income stream, I just want to give you a nudge to build in some time for you.

Talking about self-care is all the rage right now. Everyone is talking about it, but no one is really talking about HOW. In the Color Outside community, we focus on finding small ways to continually add joy to our lives.

Not limiting it to taking a BIG vacation.
Or having a spa day every month.

There has to be more to self-care than soaking in a bubble bath. Self-care should protect your mental health and help you stay connected to who you truly are.

There can be small daily actions woven into our lives that light us up and add to the spark that begins when we decide to be okay with taking up space.

You’ve heard the saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup. So let’s work on constantly pouring back into your cup so it doesn’t reach those dangerous levels of depletion. 

I’ve seen a lot of #summerbucketlists going around. And while they all look fine, I wanted to make one just for women of color…reflective of black and brown girls life experiences.

Here’s your #ColorfulAndCarefree Summer Bucket List:

1. Learn a new language on DuoLingo.
2. Check out a book (or 5) from the library.
3. Ride a bike.
4. Paint your nails a BOLD color that you’ve always wanted to, but never did.
5. Play your favorite 90’s album loud in the car, while putting on your own concert.
6. Plant an indoor herb garden.
7. Learn to make salsa from scratch.
8. Invite your best girlfriends over for an old fashioned sleep over.
9. Pack a picnic basket and eat it at your favorite park.
10. People watch at the park.
11. Hire a housecleaner instead of spending your Saturday cleaning.
12. Take a wine tasting class.
13. Buy a yellow dress (we look #magical in yellow!)
14. Do something new with your hair.
15. Travel to the next town over and spend the day exploring.
16. Hike a national park that’s close to you.
17. Buy the handbag or the shoes you’ve been eyeing and telling yourself you don’t deserve.
18. Erase that phone number that you should’ve deleted a long time ago.
19. Ask that special person out for coffee, tea, or a smoothie. You know who I’m talking about.
20. Go kayaking or canoeing.
21. Pick an official “Summer of 2019” song that hypes you up.
22. Learn how to cook a new ethnic cuisine, like Thai, Indian, or West African food.
23. Make visiting your local Farmer’s Market your Saturday morning ritual.
24. Take a technology detox for a weekend.
25. Run a 5K or start Couch to 5K app (to train for running a 5K!)
26. Volunteer at your favorite charity, like Boys and Girls Club.
27. Go indoor rock climbing.
28. Go thrifting!
29. Step outside at night and count the stars.
30. Host an adult game night with a game of Spades or Uno (playing by the REAL rules!)
31. Forgive someone. Then wish them well from a distance. 
32. Listen to a personal development book or podcast that deals with an issue you haven’t quite overcome yet.
33. Do one thing you’ve wanted to do for a long time, but have been afraid.
34. Go on a walk every day.
35. Call a friend that you’ve been meaning to catch up with.
36. Compliment another woman of color every day for a week.
37. Schedule yourself a photoshoot just for you.
38. Drink more water so that glorious skin can GLOW.
39. Buy yourself a new sundress that makes you feel beautiful.
40. Let go of the person who hasn’t been treating you well.
41. Find 15 minutes a day to pray, meditate, or journal.
42. Write the book that’s been inside you all these years.
43. Voice record the best part of your day into your phone.
44. Swim as exercise, or sign up for lessons.

Now, share in comments below and let us know which of these are you adding to your Summer Must-Dos! 


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