Put It On A Post-It

There’s this thing I do. I write reminders to myself on Post-It Notes.

I’m not talking about what I need to grab at the store, or my to-do list.

I write down badass notes to myself.
Notes that reaffirm Greatness. Joy. Soul-stirring Adventure.

Then I place them in the most random places, so when I least expect it, when I’m deep in the throes of feeling heavy, BOOM!

I’m reminded just who tf I am.
You see, it’s so easy to get caught up in our own head.

Being a Clarity Coach doesn’t absolve me from ever getting in the cycle of burnout, restlessness, or prioritizing the wrong things. It just makes me more likely to recognize and follow through by DOING something about it.

What I’ve learned from this little unintentional Post It Note project is that we owe it to ourselves to accept that we get stuck in our own shit, and we can be proactive about doing small things to pull us out of it.

Imagine having a day where you’re completely overwhelmed by everything you have to do.
Everyone you’re responsible for.
All the things you have going on at work.
The list that you haven’t been able to tackle.

You walk into your room, deep in thought, filled with anxiety, and you look up to see this:
It hits different, right?

In that moment, instead of staying in that cycle of stacking your burden you realize that the truth is you’re not being ‘productive’ because you’re fucking exhausted.

So you go take a nap. Because you deserve it. AND you’ll can get clarity around what you *ACTUALLY* need to do, what you can let go of when you’re rested and re-engerized.

Here’s my challenge to you—

Go write yourself a Post It Note today.
Put it somewhere you’ll see it often.
Let me know how long it takes for that ONE little Post It to reframe how you’re approaching your day.

It won’t be long. 😉

P.S. I’m totally thinking about making this a Color Outside ‘thing.’ Where we feature our Post It affirmations and the powerful stories behind them on Color Outside’s Insta. What do you think? What should we call the series? We need a good hashtag. 🤔

Comment and let me know if you have any ideas!

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