There’s No Such Thing As Balance

‘How do you balance it all?’

Women get asked this question all the time. If you’re ambitious, high-achieving, are a wife and/or mother and look even remotely put together, people ask you this question as if you have some magic formula locked away.

I won’t even get into why men aren’t asked this question.

How do I balance it all?
I don’t.

Balance means giving equal time and attention to all of your priorities.

Let’s just be real – for most of us it’s an unrealistic expectation. At any one point there is one thing that tips the scale. And it’s not always the same thing.

We prioritize, not balance.

If you’ve been chasing balance, I’m about to tell you something that will free you:

Let that shit go.

It is an impossible standard.

Embrace the ebb and flow of the different priorities in our lives.

And make sure you have yourself on the list of priorities. Your wants. Your needs. Your desires. Your joy.

I was a guest on the Brave Enough To Be podcast last month and here’s a quote that seemed to resonate with a lot of people.
When you give yourself permission to stop chasing ‘balance’ you start to trust yourself and the universe more. Everything important will RISE TO THE TOP. Guaranteed.


P.S. If this is an area that does not come naturally to you, if you’re filled with guilt when you try to prioritize yourself because you feel like you ‘should’ be doing for someone else, I invite you to book a free coaching call with me. No strings, we’re just going to free you from that mindset! Book it here.

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