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We need to talk about This Is Us.

Specifically Beth.

From the inception of the show, so many of us have been intrigued by Beth. Smart, witty, magical, national treasure. And although we saw her almost every week, we recently learned that we never actually saw HER.

We didn’t know anything about her.
But…we thought we did, didn’t we?

This woman showed up for every one each week. Her husband. Her kids. Her husband’s family, especially. She listened to her mother. She did what she was supposed to do.

And yet, we had no idea what made her tick.
What brought her joy.
What made her feel lit up and on fire.

And why didn’t we know?

Because she’d extinguished her flame in favor to help everyone else pursue their dreams.

She was successful in her own right.
But that success was her settlement.

I won’t get into how she represents what happens to most women of color in America. How we were okay just knowing who the shell of this amazing character was. How we adored her from afar but didn’t dare get too close.

That’s a conversation for a different day.

Langston Hughes asked what happens to a dream deferred.
I want to ask you, what can happen when a dream reemerges?

If you recognized just a glimmer of recognition in Beth’s story and your own, I’m here to tell you that your chance at your dream, your joy, your truth isn’t over.

And there doesn’t have to be a major life change, like losing your job, for you to go out to obtain it— whatever “it” is.

The only thing you need to do is to make the decision.

Decide that you love the people around you enough to love and prioritize yourself.

Make the decision to dance.

— N.

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