You don’t have to do a d*mn thing

I had a completely different post planned for you today. But I woke up after 5 days of “homeschooling” my kids , while working from home, while taking in the ever changing news about Covid-19 and I just wasn’t feeling my original message anymore. It was a good one though, I’ll send it out later!
I feel like there is so much noise out there encouraging us to make this “break” as productive as possible. Now’s the time to brush up on a new skill! Run a business? Create an entire social media content calendar! Write the next Great American novel! Paint that masterpiece!
And I get it. I don’t knock anyone for continuing to sell their services or for trying to provide some guidance in this weird time, hell I’ve done it! And I definitely don’t knock anyone who feels that they have the time and space to take on something new right now.

But it was getting to be way too much for me. And I suspect that it’s getting to be too much for some of you all, too.
So here’s a new permission slip: You don’t have to do a damn thing.
It’s ok if all you’re doing during this time is figuring out how to survive your new normal.

It’s ok if your kids are getting a little more screentime than usual and aren’t following a color coded schedule.

It’s ok if you feel overwhelmed and anxious and stressed.

It’s ok if you just focus on being the best business owner or employee you can be and are not taking on new learning opportunities right now.
It’s all ok.
Take good care,

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