Can We Feature You On IG?

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One of my favorite parts about doing what I’m doing is getting to hear your stories.

Whether it’s that of triumph, you rediscovering who you are, finding JOY in the quiet moments, and even the struggles.

It’s what keeps me going.

The stories I hear from our community are bold, powerful, and a constant reminder of how badass we women of color are.

And I realize it’s not enough for only me to hear those stories.

Part of our mission is to help women of color to embrace getting outside, nature, and play as simple parts of life that comes naturally. To not be afraid to take up space any-damn-where.

And we want to make sure we’re highlighting those stories, to not only uplift each other, but also to empower other women to embrace it and #takeupspace, too.


There are 2 ways we’d like to share your stories with our community.

1. On Instagram
2. Through a Guest Blog

All you’ll need to do is email us at and with a story you have about navigating life as a woman of color.

It can literally be about anything:

celebrating yourself, encouragement, empowerment, business moves, parenting, travelings, hiking/outdoors activities, finding moments of peace, meditation…

The list goes on and on!

Include a photo of yourself, as well.


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