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First let me ask… How are you doing? When you sit down and think about where you are on the JOY meter are you hitting right there at a 10, or are you running on empty and coming in close to 0? I’ve been talking to women who have it all together on paper. Amazing […]

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This is Us

We need to talk about This Is Us. Specifically Beth. From the inception of the show, so many of us have been intrigued by Beth. Smart, witty, magical, national treasure. And although we saw her almost every week, we recently learned that we never actually saw HER. We didn’t know anything about her.But…we thought we […]

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The (Wo)man in the Mirror

You are successful.You have no problem rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.You can burn the candle at both ends, then wake up and make sure the kids go off to school with a packed lunch. You know how to make money while taking care of family. You juggle all the things, and make […]

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Spark (Unapologetic) Joy

Last weekend, I spent some time bingeing on shows on Netflix and like so many of us out there fell in love with Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I had read the book a few years ago and really connected with her simple method for decluttering. I particularly appreciate her process of holding items and […]

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Holiday Fatigue is Real

Am I the only one asking myself how is it almost the end of January? It feels like I just took down my Christmas tree, and all the goals that I set and feelings of starting 2019 off lit up and on fire… I’m tired just thinking about it. I haven’t gotten my mojo back. […]

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