Spark (Unapologetic) Joy

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Last weekend, I spent some time bingeing on shows on Netflix and like so many of us out there fell in love with Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I had read the book a few years ago and really connected with her simple method for decluttering. I particularly appreciate her process of holding items and seeing if they spark joy for you. And then thanking the items that no longer spark joy before letting them go.

Such a simple, beautiful process that is centered on your own personal joy. The whole thing makes me smile.

And of course, this method can be applied to so much more than just our books (whether you keep 30 or more) or our clothes or our junk drawers.

If you held up certain aspects of your life in the same way you did that old cardigan from the back of your closet, what would you learn?

Would all the parts that make up your everyday life spark joy? Or would there be a lot of cluttered elements in need of you thanking them and sending them packing?

A few years ago, I had to do that very thing. I realized that so much of my life did not bring me the joy I knew I deserved. So many elements were leaving me tired and stressed and burnt out and bored. These things were cluttering my mind & spirit and dragging me down.

They were clouding my joy.

And so I started the process of holding things up to the light and deciding if they should stay or go.

I let go of long hours hustling and thankless clients (byeeee).

I said goodbye to unsupportive friends (deuces).

I changed negative mindsets that were keeping me stuck (thank u, next).

Then, I concentrated on filling my life with the things that sparked unapologetic joy.

I’ve gotten better on keeping my life free from the clutter of sh*t that weighs me down. But I still need to take the time to declutter from time to time.

When you hold up the parts that make up your life, does it spark joy? What are you doing to usher more delicious joy into your life?

Here’s are some ways to inject more joy in your life:

1. Do an inventory. Decide what (or who) you can remove from your life to give you more time for moments of joy.

2. Start your day with something just for you. Is it waking up before everyone else and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea?

3. Get Outside. Studies show that being outside in a green space for just 5 minutes relieves stress. And while it’s not quite green in several areas of the country just yet, getting outside is healing no matter the time of year.

Here’s to more unapologetic joy in 2019,

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