Sleeping Under The Stars

Have you ever passed up on an opportunity or adventure because you felt like your folks didn’t do things like that? In other words, have you deemed something, anything, as “White People Shit?”

If you know the Color Outside story, you know one of the first meetups I had was on a hike where we were questioned the entire time about who we were, why we were out hiking (as if we need a reason).

It was maddening.


Chances are you’ve either thought these things aren’t for you or had someone try to steal your joy by them telling us that these activities aren’t for us.

But who made “them” the authority?

I’m just here to remind you that you can take up space however, whenever, wherever you want.

We’re just coming back from taking our kids camping a few weeks ago. It was my youngest’s, Jackson, first time camping.
He was totally in his element.

It felt great to watch him and Zoe (my daughter) play in dirt and just be kids.

My hope is that they feel comfortable and confident enough to call out anyone who even dares to imply that they don’t belong.

But for you? My hope is that you embrace new soul-stirring adventure. Right now. And “ADVENTURE”  extends to things beyond “outdoor adventures.” We’re allowed to dream big and take up space in all facets of life.

Reply back to this email and let me know what, if anything, you’ve passed on before that you’re now willing to embrace.

— N.

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