Will You Be My #Goalfriend?

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Happy New Year!
I came across a photo while scrolling through Facebook the other day that spoke straight to my heart. It simply said “Will you be my Goalfriend?”

And I thought about how powerful that was. Not only the sentiment of asking someone, but the very idea of supporting someone else, keeping each other accountable, and having a friend group that is a community of women determined to be better and do better.

Then it hit me— that’s one of the core values of Color Outside.

Support. We’re here for each other — both on the trails and off. No one gets left behind. No one feels excluded.”

It’s also what I do as a Clarity Coach, helping you get clear on what you want for your life, helping you to make an actionable plan to live your best life on your terms, while being a part of this dope community of women of color on the same path.


I’ve encountered so many women who say the one thing they’re lacking and truly want is a confidant. A true friendship with no pretense, having someone who uplifts you when you need it (and keeps it real with you when you need it to, but in a pure way).

Did you know that 84% of women of color say they have toxic friendships?

What the hell, y’all?

That is not okay.

We deserve better than toxicity. We owe it to ourselves, the children watching us, and our own joy to let that shit go.

So, I’m inviting you to jump in, feet first and commit to being #Goalfriends with the women of the Color Outside community.

Head on over to our Facebook Group and reintroduce yourself. Share your goals, what kind of support you need and let us show up with you and for you!


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