I’m just tired.

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I was talking to a friend and she mentioned that the most acceptable emotions for women to display and feel are tiredness. And then some sadness.

Das it.

Tiredness and a little bit of sadness. That blew my mind, but when I started thinking about it, it’s absolutely true. Think about how many times someone asked what was wrong and you said “I’m just tired” when you were really feeling unfulfilled.

Or when you’ve been told you’re making too big of a deal about something when you were raging against an injustice.

Or when you’ve been told to tone it down and rejoice quieter when you were over the moon excited.

And so we tone it down. We get quiet. We rush past our emotions so we can get back to a more inoffensive emotion.

And we lose something in the process.
Your feelings are valid and you deserve to feel the full spectrum of your emotions.

Your rage is justified. Your worry is warranted. Your grief is legitimate. Your JOY is necessary.

The more we cover up our true emotions with apathy and fatigue, the harder it is to tap into the full range of what we’re actually feeling. What does feeling your unbridled emotions look like to you?

Would you laugh louder than socially acceptable? Moan with pleasure? Say No, full-stop with no explanation? Tell someone who has wronged you what’s really good?

I challenge you to really start tapping into your true feelings. And let me know how it feels.


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