Does It Feel Like Something Is Off?

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I often semi-joke that being in the parenting a newborn stage makes me stupid. If you’re a Mom, then you definitely understand how very real the struggle is with “Mom Brain.”

For example, about a month after I’d given birth to Baby J,  I was pretty insistent to my husband that the yard tool is called a whipper snapper.

Spoiler Alert: It is not. The “whipper snapper” is actually called a weed whacker. 

Even though my brain often feels like mush, the last 3ish months of having a baby and a toddler has been perfect in showing me exactly what I care about deeply.

In the past few months, it’s become crystal clear what my priorities are, what I want more of in my life and especially what I want a whole lot less of.

During my maternity leave I was able to take stock in and identify the areas where I’ve been tolerating “good enough”  instead of the “AMAZING” that I deserve.

As I transitioned back into work-mode, I’ve been intentional about leaving behind the things that don’t serve me well. Now, I crave the good, juicy stuff that I actually want.

And you know what?
You deserve AMAZING, GOOD, JUICY stuff, too.

What I know for sure (Hey, Oprah!) is that lacking clarity is a son of a b*tch.

Feeling like something is off, but not having a clear idea of what’s missing, what you need to ADD to your life to take it to the next level is the absolute worst.

Getting that clarity is the biggest purpose behind why I host the Color Outside Retreats. Nothing gives you clarity more than unrequited time with yourself and others that are doing the SAME WORK as you.

And this time, The Color Outside Retreat comes with a built in accountability group to help you launch the “New You.” Directly after the Color Outside Retreat, the attendees will dig into the Colorful and Carefree Course.

Those precious 10 weeks will give you the support, the accountability and the sisterhood to help make your dreams into reality.

I’m excited just thinking about it.

What’s missing now…is you getting registered for the retreat!

I can’t wait to see you there!

— Nailah

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