The Secret To More Friends & More Money

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I have a question for you—

What do you need in your life to REALLY start to living the carefree, adventurous life you crave?

Is it more money?
Is it having friends to be adventurous with you?
Maybe letting go of the guilt you have when you consider putting yourself FIRST?

Recently, I was interviewed on the “What Works” Podcast and shared the story of how Color Outside was founded. Simply put, I was in a new town, with very little people who looked like me and I wanted to explore my new surroundings.

I didn’t have local friends— in fact, didn’t know any one with the exception of my husband and my 1 year old daughter.

So, how did I go from not knowing a soul in Salt Lake City to having a thriving business?

I started a meetup group.
There was no “plan of attack”, I didn’t overthink it. I wanted to hike and I wanted new friends. What eventually became the “Color Outside” that you see today— with retreats, and transformational coaching— wasn’t my original intent.

I just knew what I wanted and knew that it wasn’t going to fall into my lap.

You deserve JOY, .
But, here’s the secret: you’re going to have to go out and TAKE it.

Are you sitting on your gift that could be making you the extra money you want or need? It’s time to CREATE that new stream of income.

Are you wishing for a friend to explore and enjoy nature with you? It’s time to position yourself to FIND those friends.

Are you giving your ALL to everyone else at the expense of your own personal happiness? It’s time to RELEASE the guilt and go hard for yourself. You can serve others and still prioritize your wellness.

So, I’ll ask again— What do you need in your life to REALLY start living out the carefree, adventurous life you crave?


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