You’re Destined for More..

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I have a pretty common journey to entrepreneurship story: I landed my “dream job” right out of college and quickly learned that the corporate world was just not for me. I summoned all of my courage, saved my coins and made the decision to quit my job and go into business for myself. I never looked back.

What I don’t talk about much is what happened next. I spent 6 years hustling to build up my business. I put all of my blood, sweat and tears into making it profitable and it worked. On paper, everything seemed perfect. But inside, I was completely restless. I was beginning to hate my business, but I had spent so much time relentlessly chasing down this goal. After having my daughter and embarking on a big move, I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore.
I had fallen into a pretty serious working —> mom-ing —> repeat rut.
Have you ever felt like that?

Like you have all these places you want to see, things that you want to do, people you want to help, but no idea when you’d squeeze it into your hum drum life?
Like there’s got to be more to life than this — working, grinding, hustling, day in and day out?
Like there ought to be more to your identity than what you do for a living or who you take care of each day?

Like you were destined for MORE?

But you’re just not sure how to get from where you are now to THERE.

It takes the same amount of effort to continue living the kind of life you DON’T want as it does to create the life you DO want. The effort is just directed in a different way.

You know when you have that inkling deep down in your gut that something’s not right and there could be more. Maybe it’s something you’ve been feeling lately.

But we find ways to drown out that little voice with all of our day to day busyness, distractions and drama.

You deserve to have more.

What would happen if today you took just a fraction of that energy and redirected it towards creating the life you want to experience, moving closer to who you want to be?

We only get this one wild and beautiful life, so you might as well get started. Take those small steps, from where you are.

It’s time to start exploring. Trying new things, pushing your body to new heights, and taking chances…and making a plan to bring your dreams to reality.


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