Who’s Responsible for This?

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When you’re stuck in a rut, it’s natural to start looking around for what could be the cause of our own unrest and unhappiness.

This damn job is sucking out my soul.
These kids are driving me crazy.
My partner isn’t supportive or helpful.
My friends aren’t really there for me.

And truthfully, it’s possible that all those things could be true (but, I hope not).

But even if they are…

They’re still not to blame.

Look in the mirror, sis.

The only person responsible for your own JOY is YOU.

The moment that you realize the reason you’re missing out on true JOY is because of YOU– that’s one fucking hard pill to swallow.

But, it’s a much needed realization. The next step is to accept it.

And then, it’s time to CHANGE IT.

While the people and things in your life can add to your happiness, the joy that beams from your core (or not) is all on you.

Not your partner.
Not the kids.
Not your job.
Or your friends.
Or your Mama.

Just you.

So now the question becomes…what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to prioritize your own joy?
Embrace YOLO and make that shit count?
Or will you continue to stand on the sidelines and watch other people reach and attain their dreams, and have hella fun while doing it?

— N.

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