Soul Food or Soul Therapy?

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I’m a huge proponent of traditional therapy. I know firsthand how therapy can empower you and heal you.

But, I also know that therapy comes in many forms.

One of the most therapeutic activities for me is being out in nature.

I’m not implying that getting outdoors can take the place of actual therapy from a licensed professional. 

However, hiking, kayaking, glamping, swimming, riding a bike, jumping on a trampoline…

All soul therapy.

I grew up going to church regularly on Sundays. And the time that I spend outside feels very similar to how some describe the lightness, freedom, and joy that church-goers describe after receiving a good word during their Sunday sermon.

It is well, with my a feeling, and far greater than a simple statement.

So what makes “it” well with your soul?

Is it gardening? Cooking? Curling up in your favorite corner and reading?
Maybe it’s sitting on somebody’s beach.
Or perhaps it’s making it to your Zumba class 3 times a week.

All I know is that you should be able to identify “it.”

And before your natural instinct takes over and you give the cliche’ answer of your partner or your children… let me stop you.

That’s not their responsibility.

It is up to us to explore and experience and discover what feeds our soul, what makes it well.

Call it soul therapy.

Call it soul food.

Just make sure that you embrace each adventure as a new opportunity to nurture your soul.

— N

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